Monday, November 23, 2009

Yet Another Car Radio Theft

I've lost count of how many radios have been stolen from my car in the 8 and a half years I have lived on Majestic. Saturday night was the latest. The window on my car wouldn't close (the top 2 inches). Thief reached into the car, which had a live alarm on, and rolled down the window, then stole the car radio (without the face plate, which I had in the house).

At least they didn't take the 6 bottles of wine sitting on the passenger seat which I had bought for Thanksgiving.

It is discouraging. How can you sell a car radio without the faceplate? Is the thief even noticing that the faceplate is missing? Is it just someone doing this for thrill seeking or some kind of gang initiation requirements (i.e. you have to bring in so many stolen car radios?).

Since this was a case in which the car alarm was armed AND the faceplate was not in the car, I am feeling particularly discouraged and am in the frame of mind that it's probably just too much hassle to have a car radio. At least no harm was done to the car aside from the radio being taken.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Merchants to Meet at Mills with Desley Brooks Wed., Nov. 18

District 6 Merchants will be meeting with Council Member Desley Brooks Wed. morning at Mills College's Faculty Lounge 8:30 am to 10 am. Scheduled to speak are members of the city's dept. of public works, public safety and others.

For more information, please contact: Kevin Best of OCCUR at 510.715.7731.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

62 Out of 70 For Sale Millsmont Homes Are Foreclosures

Sadly, much of what's fueling this is, of course, foreclosures. Another lovely home on my street is for sale due to foreclosure.

According to Zillow, there are 70 homes for sales in our neighborhood of which 62 are foreclosures.,-122.15998,37.766514,-122.188262_rect/14_zm/

Here are the most recent home sales for our neighborhood.

Old Photos of Millsmont

Does anyone have any old historical photos of Millsmont they would like to share?

This 1915 photo is of the old Chevrolet plant that was located at 73rd and Foothill, where Eastmont Mall is today. Part of Millsmont was named Chevrolet Park in those days.


Monday, October 26, 2009

New Calendar

Next Millsmont Police Beat Community Meeting: Monday, Nov. 30

Mark your calendars for the next community meeting on our area (police beat 29x).

WHEN Monday, November 30, 2009, 6:30 – 7:30pm
WHERE Saint Kim’s Korean Church
3200 62nd Avenue
Oakland CA
EVENT TYPE Community
PSO R. Johnson

(510) 773-6738

Seminary Gas – 6235 Seminary
Drug activity
72nd & Lacey
Drug dealing
Illegal car sales
Beacon Gas Station
Drug activity
Loud music

Listed on our new community calendar:

New! Millsmont Shopping Directory

The city has put out a fantastic list of all of our neighborhood businesses. See it here!

Latest Homes for Sale in Our Hood

The SFGate has great real estate listings that seem easier to navigate than the ones on Zillow. Check them out here.

Seeing Ourselves on Flickr

I just did a Flickr Map search to see all photos for Millsmont (ok, actually the 94605 zip code) and is it really true that almost no one from our neighborhood is not posting to Flick? I think it's more likely that we're not geotagging them.

At any rate, here's the link.
It's kind of fun to see what people ARE posting nearby.

Survey: How Many People Live in Millsmont?

I found the answer - but let me know what you think! I'll publish the results - and the correct answer - next week.

Millsmont Versus Nearby Neighborhoods: House Price Trends

Zillow Home Value Index

This is a very revealing chart. For first time homebuyers, who predominate in our area, housing investments have not been a good deal, compared to other nearby locations. Those at the bottom of the economic ladder have been forced to face foreclosure much more than wealthier neighbors, if I am reading this data correctly.

For more insight, take a look at this web site:

Just Next Door: Zip Code 94606 One of the Hottest Real Estate Markets Right Now, Says Chronicle

A story in the Chronicle says the neighborhood next door to Millsmont is the third hottest real estate area of the entire Bay Area.

Here's how the story begins: "The Bay Area locales where homes sell the most above asking price tend to be relatively affordable, according to a report from ZipRealty released Friday....The third "hottest" Bay Area ZIP code, 94606 in central Oakland, is similarly affordable with a median price of $279,000..."

"Homes here were selling in the $400,000s and $500,000s at the height of the market and now you're picking them up in the $200,000s and $300,000s."

I can validate that from personal experience - on my street, this wonderful home across the street, completely remodeled by a contractor and formerly valued at close to $500k, recently sold for $300,000.

Read more: